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Technical,R&D Department

Our company has an experienced R & D team, is committed to the design, research and development of all kinds of transmission line angle steel tower, steel pole, steel tube tower, communication pole, communication tower, high mast lighting pole, street lighting pole and so on. We design products by using PLS-TOWER & PLS-POLE software which were designed by Power Line System, Inc, we can design electric power transmission line and telecommunication poles/towers according to ANSI & IEC Standard. We have rich experience on prototype test load checking, structure checking and so on. This is one strong technical support team for expanding foreign market.

Our company is adhering to the tenet of mutual benefit and win-win, is willing to work with research and development centers of domestic and foreign enterprises, professional research institutions to carry out professional technical exchanges and cooperation In order to provide the best technical service for the customers at home and abroad, we continuously improve the company's technology research and development strength.

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