Prototype Loading Test

Prototype Loading Test

China Electric Power Research Institute Beijing Liangxiang Transmission Pole & Tower Testing Station is the only test center of transmission towers in China, and one of the world's largest bases for the transmission pole and tower testing. This tower test station is managed by the Guodian Power Construction Research Institute and serves as a key laboratory of State Grid Corporation of China that has been accredited by the China National Accreditation Board for Laboratories (CNAL). 

The station focuses on the structural research, optimal design and prototype test of transmission pole and tower, and is able to undertake the mechanical strength testing for the prototype transmission pole and tower of 500 kV multiple circuits, double 750 kV circuits, and power transmission circuits of higher voltage.The station typically provides loading points at longitudinal and transverse directions that are100 m high, offers the counter-pulling force of 1000 ton on a single foundation pole, and covers an area of 35 m * 35 m. Meanwhile, it employs an advanced hydraulic automatic closed-loop control system to apply loads on 96 loading points simultaneously, with the maximum loading force of 380 kN and a loading precision of 1% for an individual point. Furthermore, the station computerizes and networks the data measurement and collection for the structural deformation and stress, and the test data record.

Since the establishment in 1960, the station has undertaken more than 800 testing cases for the domestic and foreign prototype transmission tower research projects and applications.

We have established long-term cooperative relationship with Beijing Liangxiang Transmission Tower Testing Station, and we can work together to do various prototype test.

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