Hot Dip Galvanizing

We started from hot dip galvanizing since 1984, enjoying more than 35 years’ experience for hot dip galvanizing services, which can ensure high quality and short lead time of galvanized products. Zinc Kettles as following:    

NO.1----- 15.2m (length)*2.8m (width)*3.2m (depth)    

NO.2-----12.5m (length)*1.8m (width)*2.8m (depth)    

NO.3-----10.5m (length)*1.6m (width)*3.0m (depth)    

NO.4-----5.0m (length)*2.0m (width)*3.2m (depth)    

NO.5-----2.8m (length)*2.5m (width)*1.5m (depth)    


(No.1, 2 are traditional galvanizing production lines, finished environmental digital transformation by Xuzhou RITMAN Equipment Co., Ltd. (a subsidiary company of our group); No.3, 4, 5 are new environmental digital galvanizing production lines, designed and built by Xuzhou RITMAN Equipment Co., Ltd,
The capacity of hot dip galvanizing is above 350,000 MT/Y.



Degreasing ---->Rinsing ---->Acid Pickling ---->Rinsing---->Fluxing ---->Galvanizing---->Cooling---->Passivation ---->Classifying & Packing

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